Time can turn at any time.

‎"When snake is alive snake eat ants" "When snake dead ants eat snake" Time can turn at any time dont neglact anyone in life.

Negative people will bring you down..

Negative people will bring you down..positive people will bring you up..make the right choice of the people you have in your life...♥ ♥

Wat's up!

Every One Wants Happiness,No One Needs Pain.
It is Not Possible To Get Rainbow Without a Little Rain..!
That's Life..!

Wat's up!

Love Thoughts - Hindi

जिस्म की बात नहीं थी,
 उनके ♥ दिल ♥ तक पहुचना था,
♥ दिल ♥ तक पहुचने में वक़्त तो लगता ही है!!!! ♥

‎"If U love someone,

‎"If U love someone, be brave enough to tell them. . OTHERWISE. Be brave enough to watch them to be loved by someone else"

Without you....

Without you.... I have nthing...., But with you.... I have everything....!!!!

I walk alonly road.

I walk alonly road.The only one that i have ever known..... Don't know where it goes,,,,,.. But it's home 2 me and i walk alone......

The worst feeling is ....

The worst feeling is not being lonely......It's being forgotten by someone you,Could not forget..... 

everyones wants to go heaven

everyones wants to go heaven but no ones wants to die y?


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